40 ways to show others love.

1. Pray for them.

2. Fast for them.

3. Lis­ten but not to reply.

4. Ask ques­tions. Get to know their story.

5. Don’t offer advice-just be there.

6. Fol­low up.

Noth­ing makes me feel loved more than when a friend remem­bers some­thing I am going through and will follow-up with me on it.

7. Teach them to use their gifts.

If you notice some­one is has the gift of writ­ing and you hap­pen to write,

then by all means teach them to write well.

8. Give them places to use their gifts and let them shine.

march 2014 877

9. Look for the gold.

10. Ignore the dirt.

11. For­give.

12. And quickly.

13. Speak with kindness.

14. Offer grace. And then always offer a lit­tle more.

15. Don’t be easy offended.

16. Don’t hold grudges. Let things go.

17. Don’t seek revenge. Don’t secretly be happy if some­thing goes bad for them.

18. Cel­e­brate with them… go all out!

Don’t hes­i­tate to cel­e­brate even the small­est moment in their lives.

march 2014 499

19. Mourn with them… it’s okay if all you have to offer is tears.

20. Smile.

21. Give hugs.

22. Be respectful.

23. Con­sider their feelings.

24. Put your­self in their shoes.

25. Give them some fun in their grief.

Plan a fun date for them or get a funny movie for them to laugh.

Laugh­ter can be the best med­i­cine, at least for the time being.

26. Laugh with them. Not at them.

27. Offer wis­dom when asked for it.

Give truth­ful advice.

28. Don’t wait for them to ask, fill a need when you see it.

29. Cheer them on.

30. Accept them for who God made them to be.

Don’t try to make them who you want them to be.

31. Learn from them. Every­one can teach you something.

32. Say your sorry even if that means say­ing it first.

33. Appre­ci­ate them.

Appre­ci­ate what they can give. Even if it is a little.

34.Be real. Don’t hide behind masks, or walls.

march 2014 764

35. Have clear boundaries.

We all have that one friend, that we love to death, but give her an inch and she will

take a mile. Leav­ing you feel­ing resent­ful and taken advan­tage of.

Because you love them, set boundaries.

36. Be devoted.

37. Be faithful.

38. Be patient with others.

39. Have fun.

40. Enjoy them.

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