It’s okay if the only reason…

I feel as if I have lost my words. After weeks of writ­ing papers I am not sure I have any­thing deep to write about.

Hon­estly– my mind is mush and mak­ing a whole sen­tence is tak­ing too much work.

But there is one teeny tiny thing that has been on my mind and heart…

Work­ing out.

I warned you I had noth­ing deep to write about.

Work­ing out. It is some­thing I love to do. No. I lied.

I hate to work out. It totally is awful but I love the high I get from work­ing out.

The energy and the self-confidence.

And to be hon­est. I work out not only for myself but for my husband.


I want to look good for my husband.


That state­ment is going to cause a lot of uproar.

Because now a days it’s all about you.

What you want to do and what you feel like doing.

And I do believe that you should work out for you but

it’s okay to want to look good for your hus­band. Or even hot.

It’s okay to want to please him in the way you look.

It’s okay to  wear the dress or shirt that he finds you attrac­tive in.

Or even the undies he loves. Yes, I just said that. I debated that. Undies or panties?

Or to grow your hair out if he likes it long.


I almost think that we have for­got­ten to care about what makes our husband’s happy.


I remem­ber when Eric and I started to date and I was work­ing as a stylist.

One day I col­ored my hair bleach blonde.

In the nicest way pos­si­ble he let me know he didn’t like it.

Okay maybe he totally made fun of me but what­ever… I’m over it.

The next day I went into work a lit­tle early and  col­ored it darker.

Not because I am a door­mat or because what I like doesn’t matter…

but because I wanted to LOOK good for HIM.

His voice was the only one I cared about.

I didn’t care if the rest of the salon thought it looked great or made fun of me for chang­ing my color for a guy or my clients loved it.

It only mat­tered to me if he liked it.

Soci­ety tells us that we have to be every­thing to every­one but really I think we just need to be every­thing to one.

So friend. If the only rea­son you drag your­self out the door to run or work­out is to look hot for your hus­band… that’s okay.

And if the only rea­son you clean or cook or make his favorite meal or dress up fancy or you fill in the blank I am sure there is much we could fill in– is because you love him…

That’s okay too.

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