Maybe we all should.

This morn­ing I woke to an ache.

I take that back– I went to bed with an ache.

I’m going to be hon­est here, there are times that

I am frag­ile and painful words that oth­ers have said to me,

flood my mind and makes me ques­tion every­thing I do.

I won­der if I am a good mom, wife, friend.

I ques­tion any of my abil­ity and then I won­der if what they said to me is TRUE.

Instead of remind­ing myself that usu­ally hurt peo­ple will hurt.

I believe what they said.

Tell me you understand.

I know in time this will ease and I will stand on truth again.

But  some words pierce your skin and leave per­ma­nent scars.

And you can’t help but run your fin­ger over them once in a while.




But this has me thinking.

Who have I hurt when I have been hurting?

What have I said to oth­ers that has left a per­ma­nent scar?

This makes me cringe.

And I wish I could take back every care­less word.




And remind myself that all the things I want to say, that the words I have the right to say.

Will only leave me feel­ing good for a moment.




Maybe this sea­son, this month, this day, this moment.

We could all be more silent with our words.

Maybe we could all remem­ber  that we are all frag­ile and life is fragile.

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