What small doesn’t mean

Last fall we drove past miles and miles of corn fields for the girls to com­peted in a one day competition.

A one day com­pe­ti­tion, great I thought to myself,

We will be in and out and home before dinner.

No hotels, no eat­ing fast food.

No awful ice rink cof­fee and no wor­ry­ing about who would take care of the dog.

Sign them up.”


Most com­pe­ti­tions we go to are a few days long, most times my hus­band can’t make them because they start mid-week.

And they are huge. With two rinks being used and hun­dreds of skaters,

it can be  overwhelming.

Nor­mally, the girls com­pete against nine to eleven girls but at this

com­pe­ti­tion there was only a hand few of competitors.

My girls were a lit­tle con­fi­dent that they would do just fine and have a spot on the podium,

that is until they competed.

They came off the ice a sur­prised that this small com­pe­ti­tion was in fact really hard and the skaters were really good.

And they were nervous.

Right­fully so.





Because  small doesn’t mean you are weak.

Or bad.

It also doesn’t mean that you can’t touch someone’s life.

Or that you are not influential.

Or that your voice doesn’t matter.

Or that you aren’t good.



I have it saved on my phone. This one minute mes­sage from a friend.

Just a small sim­ple mes­sage. Noth­ing grand or huge.

But in it is a whole heap­ing of encouragement.

I haven’t lis­tened to it since the day she left it but I smile when­ever I see it.



It is the small things that are the most powerful.

The most life changing.



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