It’s been months since I have written and shared a post. Honestly, I’m scared. The last few posts I wrote, I received some messages and harsh comments– that I stopped writing, closed my blog and moved over here, where no one could read my words.

I might have told myself that God told me to stop writing  but really I think I was guarding my heart with a wall.  God is so good– that He allowed me to say it was Him, when it was me the whole time. He knew my heart needed a break and some healing and He was willing to take the blame until I was ready.

It’s been so long I am  not even sure I know how to link up anymore. Or how to comment. But here goes:


Happy. It isn’t something I was raised thinking God wanted for us.

I was always told to carry my cross and follow Jesus. And in doing so life would be hard.

My view of God has always been, that He was a controlling mean God that brought hard

situations in my life to teach me things. Maybe you understand what my words

are lacking. Maybe you too where brought up thinking God was a mean teacher that

needed to teach us lessons and  the thought of Him wanting us to be happy never

crossed my mind. Don’t get me wrong. I believe that God uses every heartache and tragic

situation for our good,  but I am starting to wonder if He really brings it on us?

We are currently in a heartache. My cousin just lost her life tragically at 41. And two weeks

before she passed away,she lost her son. Two family deaths in two weeks. Does God really

cause death to teach us things? Or is He a loving God that cries with us?

God, He is breaking every view I have of Him. I’m so glad He is.


When I started to read Jennifer Lee’s Happiness dare book. ( You must get this book.)

I started to wonder.

And I started to ask. Does God really want us to be happy?  What makes me happy?

When was the last time I was really happy?

Those questions alone make me happy.

Last night I sat at the desk, trying to write down my three gifts of the day.

It is hard somedays. I wrote– “I am thankful for that the dishwasher was empty”.

That was it my friends. The dishwasher was empty.

I went to bed feeling guilty. Shouldn’t I be more grateful? After all Jesus died for me.


This morning  I woke up to peace and God telling me that he was glad too that the

dishwasher was empty. He knew it was a hard day and my being happy about the

dishwasher being empty made Him happy.

Then I asked Him, “Please remind me of the things that make me happy”?










Writing. Remember when you blogged? That community of friends made you happy.

Photography. Remember when you would  take pictures just to take pictures because it

made you happy? And the list went on and on…


So my five minutes is up. But before I go I encourage you to pick up Jennifer’s new book

and ask God to remind you what makes you happy.







10 thoughts on “Happy

  1. Gail says:

    Jennifer, thank you for sharing from your heart it encouraged me today! God’s love for us and how He wants our lives to be full of joy, doing things that make us happy and fill us with joy. Thanks again for sharing and blessings!


  2. Patricia says:

    I’m visiting from FMF. I’m sorry you had painful experiences in sharing your writing in the past and I’m so glad that you are brave enough to speak your truth again. I believe that God mourns with us and that he also rejoices with us… even when all we can manage is to celebrate that the dishwasher is empty. 🙂 Peace.


  3. Shauna Wallace says:

    Jennifer, I’m so glad you wrote! Thank you for your transparency. I’ve spent two years getting painfully honest with God about what I believe and doubt, seeing lies I’ve adopted or been told. He is so faithful! He has shown me so much in His word and in His presence. I’m so glad I stopped by for Five Minute Friday! Blessings!


  4. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser says:

    Oh, Jenn.

    God does NOT send the heartache. It’s the byproduct of a Creation that requires free will, that gives us the choice for Him or against Him. But other things slip in there, too, like cancer and accidents and those horrible events that make you shake your fist at the sky and scream, “WHY???”

    If He shielded us from them He’d be denying us the chance to become fit citizens of Heaven. And so, like a parent watching a teenager step out into the world, knowing that a hundred bad things could happen, He simply has to stand back. You can’t keep a teenager in the crib forever.

    But when the bad happens, I believe that He is there, giving us the strength to go on, and showing us, through small things, that there is cause for hope, and there is a reason for faith.

    I’m terminally ill, and I wrote a short book to make this all make sense for me. It’s called “Faith In The Night”. You can look it up on Amazon (99 cents on Kindle), but if you drop by my blog and send me an email I would be glad to send you a PDF.

    I’ll pray for you, if I may.

    #1 on FMF this week.

    And don’t you dare drop out of FMF! You have a gift, Jenn.



    • jennpetersonsitecom says:

      Thank you Andrew and I will be praying for you also. I will get your book and I look forward to reading it. Thank you I won’t drop out of FMF and thank you for stopping by and leaving me encouraging words.


  5. Carly says:

    I’m so sorry for the pain you’ve experienced both with the deaths in your family and the hurtful comments at your blog. For what it’s worth, I don’t think God brings these things on us. He certainly can and does work for good in our pain, but suffering and death were not part of his original creation or the new creation. They are the result of living in a fallen world, and I think God cares deeply and weeps with us just like Jesus wept at Lazarus’ grave.
    I’m glad you have started writing again and that God has used “The Happiness Dare” to minister to you and remind you of what makes you happy. I was part of the launch team for the book and found it really helpful too. Visiting from FMF.


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