It’s been  awhile since I have written and last week I joined up again  with the FMF group.Oh, how I miss this community of writers that bravely share their hearts in five minutes. We’d love for you to join us. Click here.


It’s been about a year and half I ran my last race. That race did me in.

Fifteen miles, along the shore line of Chicago sounds wonderful in October when you sign up. We had just ran our best half marathon a month earlier– we might have been a tad bit confident.  BUT  it’s horrible in January.  With the temps under zero and  the wind that blows off the lake.

Even though there were warnings about the dangers of the weather my friend and I decided that we were going to brave the elements and still run it. We were ready with all our cold gear. Nothing could defeat us.

We laugh at it now, but it was the hardest race I’ve done. So hard that I took a year and a half off from running.

Our outer layers felt like weights, and each step was agonizing.

We never took into an account that we would sweat and our sweat would turn into ice. 

It was that race that made me realize maybe that is not the word, maybe its more like I lived and experienced –how much we really need each other.

Every time I wanted to give up she would encourage me to make it to the next mile marker.

Every time she wanted to walk, I would encourage her to make it to the next mile marker.

There was no getting out of it, to make it to the finish line we had to run each mile…


There were four  friends, they did all they could to heal their friend.

When they saw there was no way in…

They went to desperate measures of lowering their friend down through the roof to experience Jesus.

To witness a miracle.

I can only imagine the joy they felt seeing their friend walk. We want to rush right past the part of these friends had to bend low and carry their friend up the stairs.

We rush miracles and finish lines.


We want to skip the part of lifting others. In walking with them. In struggling with them.

These friends– they knew the value in lifting others. 

They knew that joy would soon follow.

They had hope.







6 thoughts on “Lift:

  1. Patricia says:

    “We want to skip the part of lifting others. In walking with them. In struggling with them.” Just lovely, and it’s such a blessing when we slow down enough to walk with another! Visiting from FMF #25



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