The pauses of Jesus…




A 31 day series.

I wasn’t intending to do a 31 day series.

Actually, I had given up writing and blogging all together. So, when I felt this tug to write I ignored it until September 29th two days  before 31 days starts.

I have to give you a little back ground on how this series started. It started last year, when we decided to move our family about an hour away. It was just far enough to have to start all over. For the most part it has been a blessing. One of my daughter’s anxiety attacks have decreased, mostly because of the move. My family is thriving and doing well.

And on the other hand it has been a really hard year. Between my husband and I- we’ve had five family deaths. In the beginning of the year, I  found out I had six other siblings ( this wasn’t a hard but a surprise) and that lead me to reach out to my “dad” I hadn’t talked to in 32 years. Needless to say, it went as I expected and we have no relationship. I won’t bore you with all of our hards because I know everyone has their hards. Everyone has struggles and heartaches and times where they are thrown into pits that they aren’t sure how they got in.

I’ve learned when you are struggling and hurting people say really hurtful things.

I don’t think it is because they mean to-I think they are trying to comfort but in reality they are making it worse. I know I’ve done it. I’m sorry friends.

Which brings me to this series.

People said all sorts of theology to me.

Some, I heard all my life- “This is God’s will and part of His plan”. Or my favorite “Everything happens for reason.”

I don’t really take notice of these statements until I did and I stopped.

I questioned if my cousin and her baby passing was really part of God’s plan?

If reaching out to my “dad” had a reason or not.

These  questions drove me to search out answers, I know you are laughing.

I’m sure you’ve had all those questions too, I am sure you came to where I am…

I came up with no real answers and when I come up with no answers, I clear the plate of what I know and start over. I forget what was taught to me and what others say and I start…

With Jesus.

Jesus tells us that if we know him we know the Father. ( John 14:7)

What better place to know God and His will than to know Jesus?

So that is where I started.

This is a personal journey friend, it won’t be fancy or full of pictures, it probably will have grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes, I hope you can look past that. This is a journey of letting go and getting to know Jesus. I may not even come away with any real answers but I hope we walk away more in love with Jesus than ever before. Join me?

A little legal disclaimer. I am not a theologian, I never went to seminary.

Day 1: Trustworthy

Day 2: Not for His glory

Day 3: He accepts us as we are

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6:

Day 7:

Day 8:

Day 9:

Day 10:

Day 11:

Day 12:

Day 13:

Day 14:

Day 15:

Day 16:

Day 17:

Day 18:

Day 19:

Day 20:

Day 21:

Day 22:

Day 23:

Day 24:

Day 25:

Day 26:

Day 27:

Day 28:

Day 29:

Day 30:

Day 31:




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