I don’t know about your family but when mine is hungry and tired the incredible hulk comes alive in them. The only way to tame the beast is food and rest. Mostly food.

Am I right? This is why I pack snacks for when we travel out-of-town. I want to be sane when we get there.

Not only does food sustains us, it also provides nutrients to help us function. Without food our bodies can’t function.

“He fasted for forty days and forty nights and afterwards he was famished. The tempter came and said to him”… Matthew 4:2 (NOAB)

Jesus was hungry when he was tempted.


Have you ever thought why Jesus instead of starting his ministry went and fasted and allowed himself to be tempted? Let’s be real here. Why in the world would he allow this?


I’ve read that he needed to be tested before God could use him. Possible but He is GOD. Why would God need to test himself?

I’ve read about how the temptations are symbolic, I see that. Each temptation is something we all struggle with here on earth.

I’ve read about how he is a personal God that can relate to what we struggle with and give us a way out.

All of these are possible reasons and I can’t argue with them but I can’t help but to think there is something a little more in the meaning.

I was wondering how many people you trust?

Take a moment and count them.

Why don’t we trust people?

I can count on my hand the number of people I trust.

And not only trust but trust they don’t intentionally hurt me. Trusting people is trusting they won’t break you apart and do you harm.

Even with that low number– those people have let me down and hurt me. Now, I know they didn’t mean to because they love me but the fact is they did.

They aren’t perfect.


When Jesus allowed himself and practically put himself in the desert to be hungry and tested.

I can’t help but think we were on his mind.

When he didn’t sin in the temptations he showed us he was perfect.

(I know that this also is for the point that he could pay for our sins on the cross.)

And in showing us he was perfect he was showing us we could trust him.

Maybe he knew there were going to be times that we would wonder if we could trust him.

Maybe he knew we were going to need this reminder of who he is when life gets cloudy and we can’t see clearly.

In the desert he shows us his character right away.

He shows us that we can trust him with our hearts and lives because His is perfect.









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