He accepts us as we are.

Matthew 8:5

When he entered Capernaum, a centurion came to him.

There is so much in these few verses about the centurion that came to Jesus because his servant was ill.

First, we must understand that Capernaum is the town Jesus lived in. And a centurion is a Roman officer that has about 100 men under him. Or in other words, he commands a 100 men.

I love this story. The officer is humble and Jesus is amazed at his faith.

Does it get better than that? Yes.

See, Rome was at its peak when Jesus lived. They controlled everything and everyone.

And they were a little proud of themselves. And brutal. They also weren’t afraid to show how brutal they were. When they over powered their enemies they often had parades. Showing off their slaves and possessions they stole. It was a celebration.


And a centurion wasn’t just any officer, he had climbed the ranks to become a centurion. Chances are this centurion did his far share of killing people and probably not to kindly.

So we see this officer coming to Jesus. Picture this. A Roman officer. You would be able to tell by his clothing  and people that surround him that he was an officer, comes to Jesus. A Jewish citizen who had nothing fancy about him.  Jesus never turns him away.


The officer is desperate and at the end of his rope, finds Jesus.

The thing I find interesting is that Jesus heals his servant and is amazed at his faith but never asks him to stop being an officer. He never tells him that he has to change to in order for the miracle or we don’t see Jesus condemning him for his title.

Jesus knew this man’s heart and where others judged him just by his rank and success Jesus never does. The world it judges us by what it wants to see. I’ll take it a step further sometimes, we Christians judge Christians who might be wealthy, in a higher social class or in jobs we think are Christian enough , we believe that everyone must be poor and give up everything in order to show that we have a faith but  Jesus never tells anyone they must be a certain way to come to him and he never judges what man judges.



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