Hi– I am Jen­nifer. But call me Jenn. All my clos­est friends do.


I’m mar­ried to the world’s best cheerleader.

He is always cheer­ing me to fol­low my dreams and to never give up.

I have kept him up many nights, talk­ing end­lessly about dreams.

Lord help him– I have had tons of  sleep­less nights.



He’s held my hand through twenty-four hour labor

and has never men­tioned the size of the epidural needle.

Our lives are crazy busy with liv­ing and  we would have it no other way.

After four­teen years of mar­riage, he is still the only per­son I would want

to do this crazy adven­ture with.

God has blessed us with the most beau­ti­ful daughters.

Our last being a huge sur­prise after a hav­ing a tubal ligation.

But God knew she would com­plete our lives and she has.

I’m glad He blesses us with dreams we never dream for ourselves.



We live just south of Chicago in a small farm­ing town.

Where on any given day you can watch a trac­tor dri­ving down the road.

With our dog named Geral­dine. Yes, that is her name.

That dog knew how to work me over and we took her home one Sun­day after­noon from the shelter.

Most days you will find me at the ice rink.

Teeth chat­ter­ing and freezing.

But lov­ing every sin­gle minute of it.



A few years ago out of the blue, I started a blog

{Run­ning this thing called life}. When I started Run­ning this thing called life,

I had no idea what I was doing. So, I started to write– about really mean­ing­less stuff.

But quickly, I sensed God mov­ing me to write about what He is doing in my life.

Two years went by of writ­ing there in that space.

It was com­fort­able. It was safe.


But then I started feel­ing God prompt­ing me to start again-with a new blog.

In my heart I knew I should but I didn’t like this prompting,

it scared me and it stressed me out.

Because, I didn’t know where to start or what direc­tion a new blog should go.

I couldn’t under­stand why God was prompt­ing me to start again.

Things with Run­ning this thing called life, were going great.


I called a friend, who gave me won­der­ful wis­dom, she encour­aged me to use my gifts

and  we prayed for direction.

A few days went by and I was still drag­ging my heels about a new blog,

and then I read this. I know God was lead­ing me to this verse,

it has hap­pened more than once in my life. (I hap­pen upon a verse at the per­fect time).

Eph­esians 4:29:

Don’t let even one rot­ten word seep out of your mouth. Instead, offer only fresh words that build oth­ers up when they need it most. That way your good words will com­mu­ni­cate grace to those who hear them. 

The Voice.

All day I thought about that, Fresh Words. I couldn’t let it go.

And just like that I knew that was the direc­tion God wanted for this blog.








Our words have power. We can heal a wounded heart, by a one kind word.

God uses the words we say– even the ones with a shaky voice.

Or the pri­vate mes­sage writ­ten, to some­one you haven’t met in real life.

Or words you scrib­bled with courage, to let oth­ers know they are not alone.


Words, they matter.


Even the ones we silently speak to ourselves.


To often– I fill my mind with words that are not fresh.

Words like, you’re not good enough. You’ll never be her.

Your tal­ent is use­less. And all sorts of other lies.


So– I write, in this space, to remind myself that words matter.

Words I say to oth­ers and words I say to myself.

Fresh words sea­soned with grace are the most important.


But more than any­thing friend, I write, so you would  be encouraged.

My Prayer is that you would leave this lit­tle space feel­ing refreshed

like a cold glass of lemon­ade on a hot day.

I pray that together in this space God would touch our hearts with fresh words

that build us up and not tear us down.


Friend, I love you– beau­ti­ful, won­der­ful you. 

You are always wel­comed here, come back as often as you would like.

The door is never locked– there is a seat at the table just for you.

And always a tall pitcher, of fresh words…














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